Sunday, June 20:  WELCOME HOME!!!

NOTE: Today, we were on a plane and were “chasing the sun”, so it was a very long day, and that is why we managed to do all of the junk at the airports.

I woke up early, to pack up all the last of our stuff. With that done we walked into the breakfast room, which was very beautiful with a view of their small garden. I looked at the menu and ordered some scrambled eggs on toast, which were very delicious. To drink I had OJ. After that we loaded our bags into the car, and said goodbye to the owner of the B+B, and drove off. The airport was in Dublin, but in the outskirts. 2 hours of driving got us there. Since we still had a car, with no hassles we dropped it off in the Europcar parking lot, and just walked into the airport. It was very crowded, because it was Sunday, and we wormed our way into the baggage check for flights to the US. Our first plane would be to Chicago, and then to Seattle. After about an hour of waiting we dropped off our bags and then moved through to customs, which were no big deal. At this time we had to grab a quick lunch, so at a cafe all of us got a snadwich, chips, and drink. After that we hurried to our terminal, which was packed too. Then it got delayed due to “computer problems.” Finally we were boarding, and left the stuffed room and got onto the plane. The airline was AERLingus, an Irish company. The inside of the plane was very nice, and us four got the whole middle aisle. There was a radio, which was handy, and they played TV to watch whenever. We read in the pamphlet that they would be playing two movies, and one was Scooby Doo 2! It really stunk, because it came out the day we left, but the theaters in Italy and France had them, IN ITALIAN AND FRENCH!!!

Now we could finally get to see it! Until then I did some work and played games, until the movie started, and I watched it. When it had finished the 8 hour flight was almost over, and I was relieved. The plane landed, and we got off. Right now we were in Chicago O’Hare airport, and we walked to the carousel for luggage, where when ours came we snatched ours, and then got in line to get them on our next flight. When that was over we found our terminal, and waited for it to board. Luckily nothing was delayed, and we got on just in time. This was American Airlines, and not as nice. We got a window seat, so I looked out as we took off, and 4 hours later landed. It was sunset back in Seattle, but it felt like 3 in the morning. Jetlagged and tired, we got off the plane, to find Kathy Samms! She is a friend of ours, and since we have no cars she was going to drive us back. She was very cheerful as our parents chatted to her, and we grabbed our bags off the cart and walked through the garage to her car, and then we drove off, heading home! An hour later we were on our street, and Mom, Robert, and I hopped out so that when we met the dogs they wouldn’t scratch the car. And there they were! They were barking like mad, and very happy to see us. We let them inside and then met our cat, Willow. Our dogs names were Max and Molly. I was also happy to finally be home, even though Europe was a blast. Then we got our luggage in and thanked Kathy as she drove to her house.

One thing that I noticed at home, is that it was such nice weather! In the UK it was freezing. Also, my Venus Flytrap has grown huge, getting out of the pot, and when you tickled the sensors it bit you. In the winter it took a few minutes for it to shut. I then had to go to bed, because I was so tired, and was happy to. Tomorrow we’re going to visit a few castles and museums, and maybe a church. Just kidding!