Sunday, April 18:  Venice

When breakfast was done, we walked to a vaporetto that took us to San Giorgio. We took the elevator because the stairs were closed. At 10:45 when we were up there and 6 huge bells rang for 3 minutes! We went to mass there with Gregorian chanting. We took the vaporetto back and went to St. Marks Basilica.

There is a giant square. While Mom and Dad were in line, David and I went to feed the pigeons. At Saint Marks we went upstairs to see the gold horses. When we were up there, there was a deck sort of thing outside. There were the fake horses on it. The real horses inside used to have a gold surrounding and ruby eyes.

Mom and I went to a different church when we were done. It was the Frari church. It had a neat picture of the Assumption of Mary. On the way back you could get about 15 scoops of ice cream. At dinner we all had the noodles with mushrooms. When we were walking back Mom went to a concert, so Dad, David and I kept walking when we saw a man who was playing music with drinking glasses!