Sunday, June 6:  To Inverness, My Birthday

I woke up to Dad singing “Happy Birthday!” I got out of bed to open presents. David gave me a key chain with St. Francis from Assisi and orange chocolate. Mom gave me a book of Leonardo daVinci’s machines and my Westy from yesterday. I got a UK flag, 20 euros and a share in Starbuck’s from Dad. Then we went down to breakfast. Once finished, we brought our bags to the car and drove to Inverness. Dad wanted to do a one hour detour to see where a lot of whiskey is made. We stopped once at a distillery and had lunch. Mom and Dad wanted to do the tour so we did it for a while. Once that finished, we drove to a field where the Scottish fought the English. It was the last battle on British ground. Once we got to Inverness we ate at a restaurant.