Saturday, June 12:  Across the Irish Sea

I ate breakfast, then got packed. The drive to Holyhead where the ferry dock was only half an hour. Europcar (rental company) told us to leave the car in the parking area so we did and took the minibus to the building where we show our passports. Once we got through all the boring stuff we got on the ferry. We were on the ferry for 1 hour and a half. A re-creation of a famous boat sailed by and there was a point where I could see nothing but water. Once we got to Dublin, we noticed we forgot the Rick Steves Ireland book. We got on a bus to the city center. After we got off nobody knew where we were so we got a taxi. Our room at the hotel was being cleaned and there were still people in it. They took our bags and we went to go walk around. Mom saw a brochure on a famous play called River Dance. It was their opening night and this is where they started, so we got tickets. We were walking around and there were some people doing neat designs with shells. Dad wanted to go to the Internet so we stopped in and did stuff. Once Dad finished a fax we walked back to our hotel. Our room was just now being cleaned. Mom wanted to go to a museum so we walked down the street to see it. Mom didn’t know it included the church so Mom saw Christchurch and David and I saw Dublinia (museum). It was a medieval museum that had a lot of fun stuff for kids. They had brass rubbings and mail to wear. Once we went back to the hotel and our room was open! We took our baggage up and sat for a while. When it was time, we walked to the theater. It was amazing how they danced and the music.