March 28 - April 1:  Buon giorno from Rome

We have had a very busy 4 days. Rome is awesome! The first day I thought we’d be too tired to do anything, but we saw 2 churches and The Baths of Diocletion. Santa Maria della Vittoria was amazing, with Bernini’s St. Teresa in Ecstacy. All 3 sites were in our neighborhood.

The next day we saw S. M. Maggiore. It has relics from Jesus’ manger, Bernini’s tomb, and incredible mosaics in the nave and altar. The church is dedicated to Mary. We saw St Peter- in- Chains Church with the chains, and Michelangelo’s Moses. All the churches are overwhelming. Then we went to the Forum, Palatine Hill, and Colosseum. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we had a great time. That night we ate a wonderful meal at a Hostaria with very entertaining waiters. After two hours, we insisted on getting the bill. They were in no hurry.

The next day was the Borghese Gallery and Bernini’s wonderful sculptures. Lovely place. Then we did THE WALK. . . Spanish Steps, to Trevi Fountain, to Pantheon, to two churches, to the North American College to pick up the tickets to see the Pope, to Piazza Navona and The Four Rivers Fountain. Excellent day.

Today was the visitation with the Pope outside in St. Peters Square. He spoke in 6 languages and greeted all the groups present. There was seating for 10,000, but it didn’t look like that many people. We saw him fairly close when he came up an aisle on the motorized chair. All our friends, relatives, and anyone in our thoughts got blessed today. It was a neat experience. We then toured St. Peter’s Basilica and climbed to the top of the dome. Michelangelo’s Pieta is awesome.

Tomorrow is the Vatican Museum and maybe the catacombs.

Hope all is well, Pat