April 2 - April 6:  Buon giorno from Sorrento

Sorrento is wonderful. Great climate, nice resort town. We saw Pompeii on Saturday. The boys especially enjoyed it. Today we went into Naples to see the Archaeological Museum where all the artifacts from Pompeii are kept. Naples is a bit chaotic and confusing but the people bent over backwards to help us. No bands of pickpockets at all. The hydrofoil ride back to Sorrento was really nice. Great view of the Bay of Naples, Mt. Vesuvius, and the cliffs of Sorrento.

Sorrento is known for a lemon liquor called limoncello. Really quite good. They also have an interesting custom on Palm Sunday where they bless the olive branches decorated with sugared almonds. A young girl was seeking asylum in Sorrento on Palm Sunday during an invasion eons ago, and the townspeople were hiding out in the cathedral. They took her in, and all she had to offer was sugared almonds. There’s even a statue of her with Mary in the cathedral. The mass and Passion in Italian was nice.

The bus ride down the Amalfi Coast via Positano, and on to Ravello was absolutely stunning.

The Naples area is also the birthplace of PIZZA! It really is good and better than in Rome. I like the ones with eggplant, tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini,and mozzarella. Rob had one that had gorgonzola, among other things. The boys are doing great with the food. Tomorrow is a day off to enjoy this town.

Hope all is well. Please forward to whoever is not in bookclub or on the tennis team. We haven’t got this e-mail perfected yet.