April 17 - April 19:  Buon giorno from Venice

Venice is a trip! I was there many years ago, and enjoyed it then, and this time we had a great time as well. We could have used another day. We spent three nights in a B&B near the Rialto Bridge. It was really fun to see the look on the boys faces when we weaved our way through the narrow alleys, past the crowds (it was Saturday), and suddenly came upon St. Mark’s Square, St. Mark’s Basilica, Campanile, Doge’s Palace, and hundreds of pigeons. It’s such an incredible sight, and was quite a surprise to them.

Sunday we took the vaporetto to San Giorgio Maggiore and climbed the tower for the great view of Venice. We happened to be on top when 6 bells rang for 3 minutes! It was the call to mass, which we went to with the Gregorian chanting Benedictine monks. Neat.

Of all the sights I especially loved the Frari Church, with Titian’s awesome Assumption of Mary over the altar.

I also loved all of the gold mosaics covering the entire ceiling and domes of the Basilica.

Sitting in the Square and taking in the ambiance and watching the boys feed the pigeons was really fun.

I also went by myself to a concert (no one else was interested) that was fantastic. It was at the Scuola Grande San Teodoro and 7 people in full costume played Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, among other things. It just seemed perfect.

Hope all is well, Pat