March 20 - March 22:  Buon giorno from Lake Como and CinqueTerre

After Venice, we stopped in Padova to see Giotto’s masterpiece frescoes lining the Scrovegni Chapel. It was well worth the time and effort it took to get in for our fifteen minutes. The Last Judgment must have influenced Michelangelo when he did the Sistine Chapel 200-plus years later.

Then we drove to Bellagio on Lake Como so Rob could visit the Biking chapel the next day. The weather was superb there and in Cinque Terre. Quite warm and sunny. Lake Como was very beautiful and another day would have been nice. The chapel, Madonna della Ghisallo, was up in the hills above Bellagio. The view was breathtaking. The chapel was really pretty cool. Lots of bikers visiting. It was filled with famous jerseys and some famous bikes. There were some busts and sculptures of bikers outside, too. There were pictures of two popes who had visited the chapel. Biking is really BIG in Northern Italy.

Cinque Terre is awesome. We stayed in Vernazza, a beautiful quiet village. We walked four of the villages today and took a train to the fifth. It was a lot of fun. I recommend it highly.

Tomorrow we go to France. We will miss Italy and gelato.