Monday, April 19:  Venice II

I bundled up my laundry in search of a laundromat, while Pat bundled up the boys for another art museum, The Accademia. Route-finding was especially tricky, and just as I was about to start asking people directions, I looked behind me and found I was right there. 19 euro later, and an extra cycle for everybody else’s jeans, and I was done. We all met back at the room. David and I mailed back the Albergo Latini key he’d carried here with him. The folks at the Post Office were very helpful, even selling me the necessary envelope. No luck finding the road atlas I desired for France.

Lunch was right in the neighborhood, sandwiches and a coffee from a bar, fruit from a stand, and a local cheese from Casa Parmigiana. I especially liked the assagio cheese.

Back to St. Mark’s Square, with another fruitless road atlas stop along the way. The boys fed the pigeons some and then we toured the Palace Museum.  (Photo 49) While this museum had lots of art, I enjoyed viewing the large meeting rooms used by the various councils that ran Venice. The largest was 150 meters long, with one end covered by the largest canvas painting in the world. Along the top were paintings of all the doges (leaders), except one had been replaced by a black cloth since he had attempted a coup d’etat. There was a nice collection of armor, swords, clubs, lances, crossbows, guns, rifles, that captured Robert’s imagination. We crossed the Bridge of Sighs over an adjacent canal to continue the tour through the prison.

More pigeon-feeding and pigeon-chasing and then back to the room along a more easterly route. (Photo 45) Boys did homework, Pat napped, and I caught up on a few things on the Internet at the nearby cafe. We headed west for a change to locate dinner at one of Rick’s recommendations, Trattoria Rivetta. Robert continued his art practice in his sketchbook, doing his version of the Crucifixion, and then moving on to a portrait of Pat. We passed on the spaghetti in squid ink, and all went with the set menu (“menu touristico”) -- lasagna, chicken or veal, vegetables or potatoes. We left dinner to find a steady rain falling, something we had avoided so far during our Venice stay.