Friday, March 26:  SeaTac Airport

I spent the day with last minute details, and firming up Robert’s acceptance at the FC United Soccer Club. Last night was the final “callback” session for tryouts, in a driving rainstorm at FC Royal’s lighted fields outside Puyallup. He’s made the “Navy” team, but will miss the first three months of practices and tournaments.

Mary Magee picked us up around 3:45 PM and ran us up to the Inn at Gig Harbor, where we would catch the Kitsap Airporter up to SeaTac. In a light rain, on a Friday afternoon, traffic was snarled at several locations on I-5, so the van was 40 minutes late picking us up and another 25 minutes or so delayed on the drive to the airport. We arrived about 6 PM. It’s a good thing we are just staying in an airport hotel, and weren’t trying to catch a flight. Another shuttle to the Coast Gateway Hotel and our first leg was complete.

Dinner was at Denny’s and we practiced our negotiation skills with the kids over what they should, might, and could eat. It all ended satisfactorily for everyone. The waitress asked if we were taking an international flight and where we were going. “Italy,” I said. “How long?”, was the next natural question. Already a bit tired of explaining, I nonchalantly said, “Three months.” She was a bit surprised.

My favorite was the former Span Deli owner, who now works at RiteAid. She asked David at noontime just why he wasn’t in school today. “Teacher in-service day,” David responded truthfully. I goaded him into telling her that, for him, school was out for summer (to the tune of Alice Cooper’s anthem).