Wednesday, April 28:  A Day Off

Little to report today. Robert slept in, recovering from our hike, and I got a few extra z’s myself. Handshakes at the Sporting Bar for all four of us, once we got there in the late morning. Errands at the TI and the office supplies store, and a minor detour to view the Roman ampitheater, vagabond-style. Leftovers for lunch, email, and a trip to the river for water play near the Roman Arch.

Dinner back at central-square-bar #1, where the waiter remembered us. Set-menus were in play and we dined well and cheaply at 64 Latini units. The waiter had fun encouraging the boys to practice their French.

Pat’s itching to get back at it and has begun compiling lists of local sites. May be back at it tomorrow with a trip to Avignon for some Papal history.