Tuesday, June 8:  Southward to the Lakes District

Got out of Oban directly, since we were housed right next to the key roundabout for the road out of town. Made our way down to Glasgow slowly, especially along Loch Lomond where a tour bus held up us and about 30 other cars. The turns were tight enough and twisty enough to rival the Amalfi Coast, but the 10 foot, heavily wooded drop to the lake was not near as threatening. Just outside Glasgow, we took the Erskine Bridge over to a motorway for our trip right through the town, and it was motorways for almost all of our journey down to Keswick.

Did a few circuits through town again, looking for our B&B. (Photo 206) I’ve decided that the main problem with Rick Steves’ maps are that they don’t show pedestrian streets as such. You see a High Street, or Main Street on the map and aim for it, only to be thrown off-course by a barrier or diversion. His maps are definitely meant for the pedestrian, not drivers. The tourist maps we eventually procure always do a better job of showing you the lay of the land for the purpose of navigating by car.

Once secured on the top floor of Berkeley House, we took Robert for a swim at the Leisure Center, this time doing a three-quarter circuit of the town, when the quarter-circuit might have been more direct. David chose to stay back at the room. The pool was great, complete with a wave machine used periodically and a huge slide. (Photo 204) While Robert swam, I located the Internet cafe, laundromat, post office and bought some provisions at the supermarket.

We set out for dinner afterwards, with some locations in mind, but the Dog and Gun pub snared us first. (Photo 202) Food was passable, atmosphere was good, and we chatted with both couples that occupied the table next to us. Back at the B&B, Dennis set me a tough problem: A tea chest is 3 feet high and 3 feet deep. It is set back against a wall. An 11 foot ladder rests on the floor, the leading edge of the chest and the wall. How high is the top end of the ladder against the wall?