Part II
David’s Daily Journal

 : Prologue
 Friday, March 26: Starting Out
 Saturday, March 27: A Fast Morning for a Long Plane
 Sunday, March 28: The Planes that Time Forgot
 Monday, March 29: Our First Full Day in Europe
 Tuesday, March 30: Beautiful Borghese
 Wednesday, March 31: Our Papa, the Pope
 Thursday, April 1: The Vatican Museum
 Friday, April 2: Sunny Sorrento
 Saturday, April 3: The Ruins of Pompeii
 Sunday, April 4: The Amalfi Coast
 Monday, April 5: The Crowded City of Naples
 Tuesday, April 6: A Rest Day
 Wednesday, April 7: 5 Hours of Driving
 Thursday, April 8: A Day in Assisi
 Friday, April 9: A Rainy Day in Medieval San Gimignano
 Saturday, April 10: A Busy Day in Florence
 Sunday, April 11: Easter Sunday
 Monday, April 12: The Leaning Tower of Pisa
 Tuesday, April 13: Siena
 Wednesday, April 14: A Pretty Drive to Lucca
 Thursday, April 15: Back to Florence
 Friday, April 16: Leonardo in san Gimignano
 Saturday, April 17: Hi Ho, Hi Ho, to Venice we go
 Sunday, April 18: Touring the Sights of Venice
 Monday, April 19: An Exciting Day with Pigeons
Lake Como and Cinque Terre
 Tuesday, April 20: Welcome to Lake Como
 Wednesday, April 21: Cinque Terre, the Five Lands
 Thursday, April 22: A Sunny Hike
 Friday, April 23: A Drive, a Casino, a Swim
 Saturday, April 24: Welcome to Provence
 Sunday, April 25: Exploring the Old Town
 Monday, April 26: Touring the Other Regions of Provence
 Tuesday, April 27: Market Day and a Drive
 Wednesday, April 28: A Swim in the River
 Thursday, April 29: The French Haircut
 Friday, April 30: .....Finally Going Somewhere
Southern France
 Saturday, May 1: May Day! May Day!
 Sunday, May 2: Nelly and Company
 Monday, May 3: The 4 Ruins
 Tuesday, May 4: Welcome to Chateau Figeac!
 Wednesday, May 5: A Jam-Packed Day at the Figeac
 Thursday, May 6: Our Last Day at the Chateau
Central France
 Friday, May 7: Medieval Sarlat
 Saturday, May 8: My Birthday!
 Sunday, May 9: Monkey Zoo
 Monday, May 10: An Awesome Bird Show
 Tuesday, May 11: Welcome to the Loire Valley
 Wednesday, May 12: The Great Hunting Lodge
 Thursday, May 13: PARIS!!!
 Friday, May 14: Exploring the Main Sights in Paris
 Saturday, May 15: More Fun Relatives
 Sunday, May 16: The Creepy Catacombs
 Monday, May 17: Churches Galore!
 Tuesday, May 18: The Science Museum
 Wednesday, May 19: Au Revoir France, Hello UK!
 Thursday, May 20: Sights Overload!
 Friday, May 21: Greenwich
 Saturday, May 22: The Circle of Life
 Sunday, May 23: The London Eye
Bath and Cotswolds
 Monday, May 24: Back to Driving
 Tuesday, May 25: A Walk, a Church, and the Baths of Bath
 Wednesday, May 26: Prehistoric Stonehenge
 Thursday, May 27: An Exciting Day, for a Drive!
 Friday, May 28: The Hike
 Saturday, May 29: Warwick Castle
York and Hadrian’s Wall
 Sunday, May 30: Welcome to Yorkshire
 Monday, May 31: Harry Potter 3!!!
 Tuesday, June 1: A Fun-Filled Drive to Hadrien’s Wall
 Wednesday, June 2: Actually Seeing Hadrien’s Wall!
 Thursday, June 3: Driving Again
 Friday, June 4: The Edinburgh Castle
 Saturday, June 5: A Slow Museum and a Fast Hike
 Sunday, June 6: Robert’s Birthday, at the Whiskeyville
 Monday, June 7: Loch Ness Monster!
Keswick and Conwy
 Tuesday, June 8: Sunny Keswick
 Wednesday, June 9: A Day For Fun
 Thursday, June 10: Conwy, the Walled Town
 Friday, June 11: Many Castles and Houses
 Saturday, June 12: RIVERDANCE
 Sunday, June 13: A Museum and Famous College
 Monday, June 14: Farewell, Thy Dublin!
 Tuesday, June 15: Fungie (not the plant)!
 Wednesday, June 16: The Drive of Many Stops
 Thursday, June 17: The Shortest Drive So Far!
 Friday, June 18: The Ring of Kerry
 Saturday, June 19: The Crowded Town of Kilkenny
 Sunday, June 20: WELCOME HOME!!!
 : Epilogue