Gig Harbor to Dallas (Thursday, May 10, 2007)

We gathered at Rob’s at 4:30 AM, Rick’s wife Theresa driving with all our luggage, and Rob driving the van with four of the bicycle boxes packed inside the cabin, which had been emptied of all the seats. Ken’s wife, Mary, rode along in the van so as to return it to Gig Harbor. We met Tony and his gear at the airport, since he lives close by.

1. Rick, David at Sea-Tac Airport
2. Ken, Tony at Sea-Tac Airport
Check-in was straightforward and there were no excess charges for our bicycles. So in the end, we did not need to employ Ken Fielding’s advice on navigating the check-in agents. We carried our bikes around to the “oversize baggage” window and we were done with them until Bologna.

Our three-hour flight to Dallas was uneventful. Our three-hour layover in Dallas began with a visit to a wine shop very near our gate, where David began educating us about wine, with a primer on three of the wines of Texas. We imagined our Mexican lunch to be the last non-Italian meal for a while. With the check for lunch, we also decided on how to handle communal expenses. Rick and Rob have some up-front deposits, and will continue to cover these expenses. David will pay for meals while we are a fivesome. In the end we’ll have a grand settling-up.